Are Billie Eilish songs copyrighted

When Eilish talks about her upbringing, she speaks highly of her family and her home, but her childhood neighborhood may be another story. "I grew up in Highland Park when it was very sketchy and there were lots of gunshots," she said in an interview with Music Connection. "It was fine, it wasn't horrible and miserable, and I wasn't scared for my life," she added. But, aside from the occasional gunshot, it seems that crime lived quite close to the Eilish family.

Billie's mom, Maggie Baird, told a strange story about the family's neighbors in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Curious about what her neighbors did for a living and why they always carried filled garbage bags to and from the house, she found out one day when they asked her for help.

Baird explained that she was asked to help the neighbors move a safe one day, and as it was placed into her minivan, the "FBI," "customs," and "Homeland Security" pulled up to stop them. Apparently, the neighbors "were money launderers, and there were three safes total." Within the safes was approximately $1 million. But the nefarious neighbors must have been on the hook for even more than that, because later, when Eilish's family actually bought the house where all of this white collar crime went down, the money from the sale was seized on closing day.